Recover deleted file?
January 19, 2010 08:00PM
OK, here's the story: my sister formatted her computer, but forgot to copy all of the pictures stored on that computer before she did that.
She did a quick formatting which according to a theory I have doesn't thouch any bytes execpt for some root folder or something (I don't know much about this, I'm just guessing really, but I think it could be good for you to know that).

What is the best way to try to recover them?
Re: Recover deleted file?
January 19, 2010 08:12PM
Try recuva : []

I've heard its meant to be pretty good. If the files are recoverable, it can probably recover them.

EDIT: And in the features is says it can get files from formatted drives, so it should hopefully work.

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Re: Recover deleted file?
January 19, 2010 08:16PM
Thanks a lot SifJar! This is very much appreciated both by me and my sister!
Re: Recover deleted file?
January 19, 2010 08:26PM
I'm assuming you haven't tried it yet, but when you do, make sure to tell me if it worked. May be handy to know for future ;)
Re: Recover deleted file?
January 22, 2010 01:50PM
Yes, I will report when I know if it works, but right now I'm struggling with failing hard-drives on that computer (which was the reason for her, formatting it, in the first place).
Re: Recover deleted file?
January 23, 2010 02:38AM

That recuva works miracles, seriously. I just ran it on my SD card and got back some pics I thought were lost forever, I also ran it on my PC and got back files from before my last PC crash. I had to quick format the drive when I reinstalled windows, and I lost a ton of files and I just got back every single one! :) I cannot believe this thing is free, I would have honestly paid $50-$100 to recover that data. I just got back over 2 years worth of Pics, Emails, Documents, and Music. Even my recovered Itunes music works fine. This has got to be the best freeware out there. I know I am rambling but I just cannot believe it, my jaw hit the floor when it came back with all of those as recoverable, even after a Windows reinstall. Thank you so much for posting that link.

Re: Recover deleted file?
January 23, 2010 05:37PM
Glad it helped you, I remembered reading the name a while ago in a magazine or website article or something, and quickly googled it when I read profetylen's post and found the link.
Re: Recover deleted file?
January 23, 2010 08:29PM
I stayed up all night and have been connecting and recuva'ing old ide drives to my external backup drives and then disconnecting them and moving on to the next.

I now have recovered all the data or most of the data I have ever lost off of pretty much every PC I have ever owned. As I always keep the HDD before parting out the PC just in case I need storage space or something. Glad I did too, cause I just got back some old stuff from a 4gb drive from my first PC I had when I was in 7th grade. It is funny to read all my old papers from J.H.S. :D

I also got data off a HDD that I thought had gotten to close to a sub wofer speaker magnet in my H.S. car trunk and wiped the drive but apparently not that bad as 53% of it was recoverable.

Pretty sweet program. This is getting burned to disc and put on my useful programs usb pen drive and getting put in my lock box so in case the site ever goes away I still have the program. Thanks again for the excellent freeware find.

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