Wii Balance Boards in a Classroom Environment?
March 24, 2010 08:53PM
Noob question....

I have an idea to develop an application for handicapped people (who have limited mobility with restricted arm and hand movement) that needs to utilize a foot pedal. It seems that the wii balance board would be a great foot switch that can be used like two mouse buttons, which needs to be wireless and with the bluetooth connectivity.

Would anybody happen to know if the Wii Fit balance board can be used in a multi-user type of environment, such as a classroom, without interfering with each other? If so, can anybody think of a limitation on how many wii balance boards can be accepted by a computer 5 units, 15 units or more?

If I can't find some kind of Bluetooth wireless pedal, this project is dead before I discuss further and the Wii fit board is the closest I can find after many hours of searching. There are industrial types of pedals, but they are in the high hundreds or thousands of dollars each which really doesn't make much sense to invest into for a classroom environment.

Any input and/or information is greatly appreciated - thank you in advance.
Re: Wii Balance Boards in a Classroom Environment?
March 24, 2010 10:08PM
You can connect as many balance boards as you want to a computer. The more you have, the more slow the response from the balance boards may be depending on your bluetooth connector though.

Good luck :)
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