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Wii Homebrew and ATMEGA32 Microcontrollers

Posted by protoss1210 
Wii Homebrew and ATMEGA32 Microcontrollers
June 10, 2010 11:52PM
Hello everyone, I have become very interested in Wii Homebrew and would like to work on a project for senior design utilizing the Wii remote.

I have looked at the Wiimote/Library on WiiBrew, and see there are many options for using the Wii-remote and a PC/*nix computer, but is it possible to use the Wii remote and an Atmel microcontroller (or similar device) either directly or via bluetooth?

Would learning how to make simple Wii programs using devKitPro help for this issue?

I have found a website that is able to connect a Wii nunchuck to a microcontroller, but if someone could give me some background or places to find out how to do this stuff that would be great.

Thanks for the help!
Re: Wii Homebrew and ATMEGA32 Microcontrollers
June 11, 2010 02:57AM
Unless you plan to involve the actual Wii console at some point, you should probably avoid devkitPRO.

There are tons of open source libraries out there for interfacing your Wiimote with your PC via bluetooth. It shouldn't be too hard to adapt one of them into a driver for your micro controller (assuming you can flash C code to it).

Best of luck =)
Re: Wii Homebrew and ATMEGA32 Microcontrollers
June 15, 2010 12:22PM
ATMega32 doesn't have bluetooth, so connecting the wiimote to the ATMega would be a tough task (you're also very limited in flash/ram for a bluetooth stack, and even then you need to find some kind of bluetooth board/chip to use)
Attaching and reading stuff which is normally connected to the extension port is much easier. Simple SPI protocol (googling will find a bit of info about this) and the protocol on top of that can be found at wiibrew.org

(For the record, you can program the ATMega in C)

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