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What Can you Do with codeing [dont laugh] lol

Posted by Baked.green 
What Can you Do with codeing [dont laugh] lol
December 29, 2008 02:23AM
for many years... about 2 ... i have been trying to figure out how to create programs / wright codes / and other exstremly cool stuff that the one japanese kid down the street could do * {poor joke for the poor folk} *

They dont exactly give out free learning guides online.

What can you really do with codeing on the WII [the wii] and/or computor

with that sayed .......

How ????? i have been trying and trying to learn codes online and trying to get linux[still dont have it] to try and learn how to create and code and wright ! :0 but i cant really do anything with out searching for the guide online .

What do you need to know to start. what should i do im open to all things

i would never use any info for anything illegal i just want to know how to put my creativity into an Progam file

all info is Good
Re: What Can you Do with codeing [dont laugh] lol
December 29, 2008 08:39AM
Well, obviously everything you see in any products already out there are possible :-)

Some people will no doubt have issues with what I am about to suggest, but they really need to look up what the acronym stands for...

1. Find a BASIC intepreter/compiler. [www.thefreecountry.com]
Microsoft even provide Visual Basic.NET express for free: [www.microsoft.com]

2. Find a learning/reference book. Here's one for VB.NET [www.amazon.co.uk]

3. Start slow. Don't expect to write the ultimate game first, learn just how to put information on screen, accept user input back.
Re: What Can you Do with codeing [dont laugh] lol
December 29, 2008 05:21PM
What can you do with coding? Everything computer (including video game consoles) related.

The first thing you'll want to do is grasp a simple language. I suggest Liberty BASIC as its extremely easy to learn and most languages are structured like it up to a point. As whodares said, you'll want to start with taking and returning user input. I then suggest creating a simple text based game.

Once you understand Libert BASIC, move on to C++, which is what everyone programs the wii with. There are free IDE's and tutorials for both languages.

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