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Xbox 360 Homebrew

Posted by TopGun96 
Xbox 360 Homebrew
January 26, 2011 02:18AM
Hey guys! Its been a while hasnt it? Anyway, I bought an xbox 360 about a year ago and I am looking to get some homebrew or something of the like on it. Is there a good website or tool that is known to work well? Thanks.
Re: Xbox 360 Homebrew
January 26, 2011 05:20AM
AFAIK There's not that much homebrew for the 360, it's mostly people running "backups". But then again I haven't looked into it that much.
Re: Xbox 360 Homebrew
January 26, 2011 08:24PM
free60.org I believe is the main "wiibrew-like" site for 360 homebrew, but there doesn't seem to be much. From what I gather, most is developed with the official SDK and therefore can't be distributed legally (but is distributed illegally on certain sites), and mainly revolves around piracy etc.

EDIT: Oh, and all homebrew requires hardware modification to your 360 ("JTAG"), which I think gets you banned from Live.

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Re: Xbox 360 Homebrew
January 26, 2011 08:41PM
You can't modify a 360 for homebrew if it has a kernel version above 2.0.7371. If you've used Xbox Live or played a game released in the last year chances are you're already on a non-exploitable version.

Downgrading is not possible because of eFuses (upgrading burns an eFuse in the cpu, previous versions checks for a number of burned fuses and if there are more than a certain number of burnt fuses it refuse to boot)
Re: Xbox 360 Homebrew
January 26, 2011 09:07PM
How many fuses are in the 360? Surely there are a finite number, and therefore this protection will only work for so long?
Re: Xbox 360 Homebrew
January 26, 2011 11:09PM
If you have a dashboard revision of 8xxx or higher, I don't believe its possible to have homebrew of any kind on your 360.
Re: Xbox 360 Homebrew
January 27, 2011 12:14AM
Alright. Thanks anyway.
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