Wii programming for my son
April 11, 2011 10:41AM

My 9-years-old son want to try a little programming for the Wii. He has already written a long manuscript for the game ha want to make... In the beginning it is a lot about the user menus and these thing.

Anyway, is there, to your knowlegde, an somewhat "easy" programming environment for this, that he can "play around" a little in. Of course, I will have to assist him for "the real" programming code, but for building menu structures and screen swithes, is there something to start with?

Very thankful for all suggestions, it would be fun if he could try a little...

Best regards, Sebastian.
Re: Wii programming for my son
April 15, 2011 10:46PM
Learn C++ in 21 days That's what I'm using for C++ and so far its worked well. It's pretty easy :) Lua might work too but that's not my area of expertise. You also need the devkitppc stuff.

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Re: Wii programming for my son
April 22, 2011 01:31PM
Your son will need to learn programming, as technoman said the "best" way is to learn C++ (most versatile). You could tell him to learn Lua, which is comparatively much easier, but I have no experience with Wii Lua, I don't know how complete the port is or how easy it is to compile games with Wii Lua. But you could look into it.
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