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WiiBrew Homebrew Releases Android App

Posted by SifJar 
WiiBrew Homebrew Releases Android App
April 29, 2011 10:13PM
OK guys, I was messing about with Google's App Inventor ( [appinventor.googlelabs.com] ) and I came up with a very quick little app which shows the five most recent releases on WiiBrew. It was very little work, based largely on this: [appinventorapi.com] but I figured I'd share it anyway. At the moment, it is pretty poor, but I'll try and update it at some stage to improve it a little. (But don't request features or expect quick updates :P) I don't have an Android phone, so I haven't tested it on hardware, but I have tried it on the emulator and it seems to work OK.

And here's a QR code to scan to download it: [goo.gl]

Failing that, here's a link to the download: [goo.gl]

If anyone with an Android phone would like to give me a screenshot, that'd be nice.

Just so as you know, planned/hoped for features:

*Link to relevant WiiBrew page
*Tabs for releases and news (atm its just releases)

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Re: WiiBrew Homebrew Releases Android App
April 30, 2011 02:48AM
Give me a PM or hit me up on IRC sometime. I've been doing commercial Android development since January. It looks like it would be a fun project :-) ( And we can make dsibrew and 3dbrew apps ;p )

PS: You can get screenshots using the DDMS perspective in Eclipse. I only touched app inventor once but I believe you can use it to take screenshots as well.

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Re: WiiBrew Homebrew Releases Android App
April 30, 2011 12:45PM
I haven't noticed any screenshot stuff in App Inventor, but I only played with it fairly briefly. I did try to take a screenshot using the emulator, but when I made the last tweak to the app, I had closed the emulator and it refused to open again (but I'm sure it should work OK).

The problem with collaborating would be that you're probably used to "proper" development, and App Inventor apps can only be edited with App Inventor. So it would basically require completely rewriting, which of course I'm sure you could do, but I'd have to drop it if you chose to do that (which I'm fine with if you want to do it), because I don't know whatever language it is Android apps are written in (Java?).
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