FYI: Console DMCA exemption request
December 01, 2011 07:48PM
Hi all,

Firstly it's been sometime since I've posted, yes I'm still here :)

I just wanted to let you know that UC Berkeley and the Electronic Frontier Foundation are submitting console specific DMCA exemption requests here in the US. The request is very similar to the I-Phone exemption.

I have been in communication giving a case study and statement about my experiences with Wii homebrew and the community here (All positive stuff). I believe the request will be submitted soon with the hope of protecting those who open up (hack is such a misunderstood word) these wonderful consoles and allow petty developers like myself to make these great apps and games for you.

If you enjoy all the free apps., games and software here on Wiibrew the Copyright Office will be accepting feedback from the public on the proposed exemptions. If you've used your Wii for homebrew and are willing to post feedback it would only strengthen the request. Again remember our RULES! Giving feedback against these would not be helpful, we have tried over many years to respect these with the hopes that console makers would see the benefits of homebrew. I believe we've tried extremely hard to block, ban and delete any post or user who have violated these rules.

I will let you all know more if and when I'm given the information.

Re: FYI: Console DMCA exemption request
December 01, 2011 09:10PM
Sounds fantastic, great news. Hope it goes ahead and gets passed etc. (Not that the DMCA applies to me, but it's still a huge step)
Re: FYI: Console DMCA exemption request
December 02, 2011 01:28AM
I just received an email from It has been filed :- []
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