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Posted by slipknot1213 
February 29, 2012 03:33AM
i dont have a modchip....:
someone told me you can only brick your wii if you have a modchip.... is this true.... if not then how do you brick a wii
Re: Bricking
February 29, 2012 04:50AM
No that's not true, there's plenty of ways to brick a Wii; for example: [forum.wiibrew.org]
Wii Brick
March 02, 2012 02:59AM
Ok this may sound stupid but how do you brick your wii

Please list all ways !
Re: Bricking
March 02, 2012 05:50PM
He linked to a list. Learn to read and stop expecting to have your hand held through every single step of running homebrew on your Wii. You really need to read yourself and learn yourself, that is how you prevent bricks. Getting "just enough" information from people on forums is not good enough and eventually you'll probably brick your Wii. Read a LOT and learn.
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