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Black wii / homebrew

Posted by buttas 
Black wii / homebrew
February 06, 2010 01:53PM
I have downloaded a game to play through homebrew, but the file is an ISO, and as a black wii cannot play copied discs, I was wondering is there any way to extract the .elf file from an ISO. PC wont let me explore the ISO at all, through Daemon toold or anything
Re: Black wii / homebrew
February 06, 2010 02:27PM

We don't support piracy, and you violated your agreement not to talk about that.

You will be banned shortly, have a nice day.
Re: Black wii / homebrew
February 06, 2010 03:54PM
Really, don't even bother trying to respond to this. If he got an ISO, then he knows he's trying to illegally play a commercial game.

Thankfully, the checkbox safeguard gives me the right to immediately ban him.
Sorry, you do not have permission to post/reply in this forum.