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Help me out!

Posted by ghanashyaml 
Help me out!
August 08, 2010 11:11AM
Hey all,

I recently purchased a Black WII and was lucky to have bought it before June 21st. I (a newbie) now want to make backups of the original WII DVD's and also want to play the games in Homebrew channel.

The questions below may be silly for the experts but I need answers, so please help!

I went googling around and came across these steps for the above...please confirm the sequence and also provide better answers if any.

1. Softmod the WII using [fail]. (My WII version is shown as 1.42u). (Using SD card is better or USB drive is better?)
2. Backup my original DVD's using either method 1 [fail] or method 2 [fail]. Which one is these is better or should try some other method?
3. Install HackMII installer here for Homebrew channeland apps/games. HackMII installer says BootMII needs to be an IOS and not boot2 from the new version...so more confusion for me. Is there a better option?

Help me out before my son makes the orignal DVD's unreadable!!


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