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USB Loader 4.3e

Posted by eskay 
USB Loader 4.3e
January 07, 2011 11:26AM
Hi Everyone,

I accidentally upgraded my 3.2e to 4.3e over Christmas! I previously had the HBC installed and I am quite annoyed with myself for upgrading!

I have managed to get the HBC installed on 4.3e (using Indiana Pwns). I want to install an application like USB Uploader GX but it seems to suggest that you need to downgrade to 4.1e for it to run - is this the case? There are instructions on how to do this but when installing the HBC is says you should never downgrade.

Is anybody running such an application on 4.3e?

Thanks in advance

Re: USB Loader 4.3e
January 07, 2011 05:10PM
Try this: [tinyurl.com]

And then check here: [tinyurl.com]

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