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Need help please

Posted by acearcher1 
Need help please
April 08, 2011 03:30PM
This is my first time working with a Wii, please bear with me if i have made any massive newb mistakes.

I have installed homebrew and bootmii to my older wii (L509 model that had been updated to 4.3U) using the methods outlined on the lifehacker blog [[b]REMOVED[/b]]

my system appears to be working (it loads as it should, displays the homebrew channel, and has some options in the homebrew channel, (homebrew browser, loadMii, syscheck seem to work fine)) However my system does not display DOP-Mii in the homebrew channel, additionally when i attempt to load (warez) from the homebrew channel, it gives me an error message stating that i USB loader requires IOS newer than the one i have loaded (says it needs ios 222,249 or 250)

when i was installing anything i seem to remember that DOP-Mii was not working so I had then followed the next steps and used the CIOS installer, I think i may possibly have messed up the IOS files for 36 and 249,

I would like to be able to use my usb hard drive to save copies of my games and from there play them on the wii (my 4 year old is tough on discs)

Have i managed to muck everything up? or is there some hope for fixing this

Thanks in advance for any help that you might provide.

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Re: Need help please
April 08, 2011 08:07PM
Sorry, we don't support Backup games here.
Re: Need help please
April 08, 2011 10:05PM
No cIOS/USB loaders here. Read the rules next time.
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