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softmodded wii with dvd drive problems

Posted by Hellion654 
softmodded wii with dvd drive problems
March 26, 2012 05:46AM
Okay so i will start with this

i bought a new Nintendo wii and i wanted to play some backed up games on it so i searched on internet and came across a certain guide for it.
i followed all the steps one by one got homebrew channel, usbloader and neogama so when i was done i was eager to test my backed up and i found myself with a problem it seems that my wii has one of those lenses (d3-2) that can't read backed up games or so i found in the internet in many pages where i search the error number.
well the guide said i could read backed up games for wii and GameCube so i tried both and none work
so i went to a... let's say workshop....kinda and as i knew my problem was lens related i wasn't planning on opening my wii so i read about using uloader to load the game from an external DVD drive so i got uloader installed and bought
this DVD drive


and i consider it a piece of crap and a waste of money the quality of the product seems so low but it was the only one that worked on my wii but well
at the end of this my wii was supposed to work as the following

for my not backed up games or originals i use the disc channel
for my backed up i use uloader
my wii is version 4.1u

-the first problem is that when i start the uloader i have to reconnect the DVD drive each time i start the channel
and is annoying so i was thinking maybe is a problem with my configuration or the problem is with the DVD drive

-the second problem is that i am playing fire emblem radiant dawn backed up and i want to use my fire emblem path of radiance game to increase my character stats but it seems like it will not load and i don't know if it is a problem related to the dvd drive or the uloader or my fire emblem path of radiance game and this leads to the third problem

-the third problem i can't play my backed up GameCube games on the DVD drive using uloader so i can't check my fire emblem path of radiance save-file

also i would like to learn to burn GameCube games isos on DVD so that i could play my backups on wii

and i would like to know how to use a pen drive to play games on usbloader i know that the d3-2 lens does not impede you from playing games on usb drives but i have quite the problem and i don't know how to transfer the 4.7gb iso to the fat32 formatted pen drive as the pen drive must be formatted as fat32 to work on usbloader it also becomes impossible to transfer files which are bigger than 4gb in size by the way i have a 32gb pen drive so capacity is not a problem i want to know what program or what process must be done in order to transfer a file bigger to 4 gb to a fat32 pen drive

so my objectives are:

-not having to reconnect the DVD drive to the wii each time i start uloader
-being able to use fire emblem path of radiance save file data to increase my character stats on fire emblem radiant dawn
-being able to play backed up GameCube games on my wii
-learning to burn GameCube isos to DVDs and them working on my wii
-transferring files bigger than 4gb in size to a fat32 unit in order to play it in wii

additionally i am sure a lot of persons have this kinda problem

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English and disorganized post
Re: softmodded wii with dvd drive problems
March 26, 2012 09:22AM
We do not support warez here.
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