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Wii Motion Plus remotes not compatible?

Posted by MeGusta 
Wii Motion Plus remotes not compatible?
April 04, 2012 08:09PM
Hey guys, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. Please bear with me if I end up asking a stupid question. I have one of the new black wii's which come with New Super Mario Bros Wii. Rememeber, this one does NOT support GCN controllers. This bundle also comes with a Wii Motion Plus remote. I decided it would be good if i got the HBC on my wii to play retro games and stuff as it is difficult for me to access those. Back on the topic, i used letterbomb as a way to hack my wii. I downloaded the HBC 1.1.0. I downloaded BootMii and made a backup using the buttons in front of my wii (power, reset, eject). Everything went well so far. By means that I cant reveal, i got all the necessary files on my sd card. I started HBC an clicked the home button which brings me to a screen which has the option to "launch bootmii". I go into it. Normally, you are supposed to be able to navigate through the screen which allows you to exit and download WADs. But my wiimote doesnt respond at all! It literally falls dead on me. The only way i can restart my wii is by the power button. I searched all over the interwebs for a solution but found none. Thats why im here seeking help. I can buy older wii motes (the ones without motion plus) if needed to. I am ready to do anything. I just need professional help here. Thanks in advance

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Re: Wii Motion Plus remotes not compatible?
April 04, 2012 08:21PM
You, like a strangely large recent surge of idiots, have download a fail warez "hack pack" with the idea of installing crap to let you pirate games. As such we will not help.
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