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First attempt help!!

Posted by chesternutz 
First attempt help!!
June 30, 2012 12:45AM

I have been researching how to softmod my Wii and will attempt it tomo.

It is a Black Wii 4.3E PAL UK model

I have watched many youtube videos and read all the info on your site just had a few queries.

I simply want to be able to play downloaded ISO games that are multi region is NTSC (i wont mention any names as prev post removed) burnt to DVD-R or SD via my Wii, do I need to have both Homebrew Channel installed AND the unlocking of the system?

Will the letterbomb option work for UK 4.3E models?

I have watched Youtube clips about modding, and wondered do you offer a download pack similar to these?

How can i create a mirror image backup of the system prior to starting the mods?

Apologies if this is not the right place, or have contravened any notes, as I am new to this the terminology is a little vague

Will Priiloader, eliminate occurance of bricking of the system?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated as I am a virgin modder!

Please email to notify me if this post needs editing as I am needing help and not sure what to ask or how to get help and advice thanks.
Re: First attempt help!!
June 30, 2012 01:20AM
We will not help you play downloaded games.
Letterbomb will work.
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