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My wii bricked lol help

Posted by Kbra 
My wii bricked lol help
September 09, 2012 07:53AM
Hi guys, today my wii bricked i dont know 100% why, but what happened was: that i had 4.1u and i updated my wii while having the homebrew channel installed, now i dont know what version i have because i get the black screen thing, tho i heard u can use priiloader to fix it, but i dont have priiloader, but what i do have is bootme2, so i can still access the homebrew channel somehow lol, the i go into Multi Mod Manager because i was searching and found you could fix the brick while going into managin system menus and installing 4.1 or 4.2 or 4.3, but i dont know what version i have LOL, tho i tried anyway with 4.1 it said ios60 missing, i think its stubbed or something, i did not try with 4.2 and with 4.3 it started downloading the things but after like 2 minutes it got an error. anyone knows what can i do, so i can use my wii again

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