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VBAGX has been updated

Posted by TheManuel 
VBAGX has been updated
April 06, 2009 03:11PM
VBAGX gets updated along with its sibling, SNES9XGX.

Updates from the Wiki:
1.0.8 - April 6, 2009
"Match Wii Game" controls option! Games that have a Wii equivalent can be played using the controls for that Wii game. For example all Zelda games can be played with Twilight Princess controls.
Rotation/Tilt sensor games all work
Solar sensors (Boktai 1/2/3)
Rumble (except for games that rely on Gameboy Player)
PAL support, finally!
New scaling options, choose how much stretching you want
Colourised games now partially work but still have distortion
"Corvette" no longer has a screwed up palette (but still crashes)
Triggers net reconnection on SMB failure
Source code refactored, and project file added

I'm eager to try this out tonight.
It will be interesting to see how some of the slower games perform with this version, particularly, Metroid Zero Mission.

Thanks go to Tantric and the rest of the Team.
Re: VBAGX has been updated
April 06, 2009 04:47PM
This, among others, is the reason I want to mod my Wii. I have no hope of a modchip, nor Twilight Hack because I lost my game disc (WHY??!?!). I'm waiting on Comex's new exploit. Hopefully it'll be released soon :)
Re: VBAGX has been updated
April 06, 2009 05:39PM
Can't you borrow TP from someone?
That's how I installed the HBC in the first place since I haven't bought the game yet.
You could even rent it.

If you have System Menu 4.0 you're out of luck for the moment, though.
Re: VBAGX has been updated
April 10, 2009 01:08AM
play control is wicked buggy!!!!! fusion and zero mission only let u move to the left!
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