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Setting up SMB for VBAGX?

Posted by kylethedarkn 
Setting up SMB for VBAGX?
April 30, 2009 12:07AM
I've been trying to set up smb for vbagx with no luck. I've looked up some general guides on SMB though and here's what I've done:

-Enabled and set password for guest account
-Set up a share folder named vbagx and gave the guest account full permissions
-Set Windows network security to accept pretty much everything

So is there a guide on how to do this? Everytime vbagx tries to connect it says it failed to connect to the network share smb://vbagx/roms/.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :P
Re: Setting up SMB for VBAGX?
April 30, 2009 02:38AM
Are you using XP?

It's actually less complicated than the route you have taken.

1. Right click on the folder you want to use as host.
2. Go to the Security tab and check "enable sharing on this folder"
3. Check "Share this folder on a network"
4. Give it a name in "share name"
5. Click OK

In SNES9XGX's settings menu, fill out the fields:
1. IP: (sometimes
2. Share name: the name you gave it on step #4
3. User name: guest
4. Password: guest

The procedure above will get you access in on time. If that works, then you can start experimenting with passwords on the User Account control panel in Windows XP. If it does not work then you may have other problems.

I hope it helps.
Re: Setting up SMB for VBAGX?
May 01, 2009 03:02AM
Yeah I had already done that. I did find the solution. I was restricting connection and so I had to change a registry entry at. HLM>CurrentControlSet>CurrentConfig>LSA or something like that. :P

Thanks for the help though.
Re: Setting up SMB for VBAGX?
August 11, 2009 07:02AM
umm I don't mean to bump this thread, but I too am having issues with setting up SMB... I've taken TheManuel's advice, although I don't know how to:

-Enabled and set password for guest account.

Can anybody tell me how to do that?

(Once again sorry for bumping this old thread... I don't know if I should make my own new one)
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