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DOSbox wii - sound issue

Posted by mythos 
DOSbox wii - sound issue
June 22, 2009 09:10PM
im trying to run an old DOS game on wii.

i have played with the config settings and have managed to get it to run smoothly(for the most part - combat sequences are still very slow) with little/no freezing. however, the sound is choppy and dragged out. music sounds fine, its set to MIDI. i've played around with the sample rate/block size of the mixer and soundblaster settings but with little change in quality. the sound is better w/ sblaster mixer disabled and opelmu=old but it's still pretty bad.

the cycles set to 32000.
no frameskip

any suggestions would be great!


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Re: DOSbox wii - sound issue
June 22, 2009 09:24PM
Theres really nothing you can do except wait for the next release sorry. (Unless of course you want to work on developing the project - it is open source ;-) )
Re: DOSbox wii - sound issue
June 23, 2009 12:10AM
oh well, i can wait :)

does anyone know when the next release should be coming out? (just out of curiosity)

took a look at the source just now, interesting. i had no idea it was written in C... are all wii apps in C? or are they translated after they are compiled?
Re: DOSbox wii - sound issue
June 24, 2009 03:57AM
No idea when the next release will be. Tantric actively maintains about 10 other Wii projects. He'll probably do more work on it soon.

All Wii apps are written in C or C++ except for a small handful which are in BASIC and then translated into C via a BCX converter in the compilation stage.
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