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Weird glitch with snes9x menus

Posted by raptir 
Weird glitch with snes9x menus
July 23, 2009 04:32PM
I've had this happen to me twice in two days now. Occasionally when I boot a game, play a bit, then go to the video settings menu, my controller A button will no longer work. Instead of toggling whatever setting I'm on, it just deselects it (removes the highlight). I was using the classic controller, but when this happens and I unplug it, the remote malfunctions in the same way. After it sits there for a minute, I get a code dump.

80290550: 81630000 7D69012E 38000000 9003000C
80290560: 90030010 80010024 83A10014 7C0803A6
80290570: 83C10018 83E1001C 38210020 4E800020
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