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DopIOSMod Error

Posted by lordm 
DopIOSMod Error
December 29, 2009 05:19AM
Whenever i try installing IOS, it gives me a "hash bad" error after attempting to download the updates. I'm using IOS 60 on a 3.3 Wii, and i want to be able to access the shop channel.
Re: DopIOSMod Error
December 29, 2009 02:02PM
1)Make sure you're using the latest version

2)Make sure you're not using a gamecube controller (there is a problem with it in the latest version)

3)Make sure you're not loading IOS 60 in the beginning as well as installing it

4)Make sure the IOS you load in the beginning is and IOS that accepts fakesigning. There are sanity checks to prevent you from choosing one that doesn't, but you shouldn't place your faith in them.

5)Try installing it without applying any patches.
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