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WiiXplorer and PSP Go

Posted by mpg187 
WiiXplorer and PSP Go
January 04, 2010 07:12PM
When I try to access my PSP Go from WiiXplorer it gives a device error or something like that.

I know on my computer my PSP Go shows up as 2 removable drive (One which is for the internal 16 GB memory and the other for the M2 [Memory Stick 2] slot). I can see this might cause confusion for the Wii. Is there a way I can access USB Devices that show up as 2 drives on WiiXplorer?

Is there a filemanager that can?
Re: WiiXplorer and PSP Go
January 04, 2010 08:29PM
I believe you may be correct in what you think is causing the problem, and I dont think there is a way to remedy this I am afraid. The only thing I can think of would be removing the Memory Stick before connecting. Try doing this before connecting to the computer, and see if the MS slot still shows up, or if it disappears if it is empty. If the later, this may allow you to access the PSP's internal memory through WiiXplorer.
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