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Mplayer CE v0.76 SMB Share Problem

Posted by mickspace 
Mplayer CE v0.76 SMB Share Problem
January 05, 2010 05:25PM
Mplayer CE v0.76 SMB Conf

I am using WIn XP shares.. no users or password required
I am sharing two drives, on with music, on with movies.
Until yesterday I could access the movie drive, I can still acess the music drive.
I have reconfigured the SMB Configuration file several times.
Doubled checked my folder sharing permissions ( which has none), disconnected all other connected users from sharing the drive.

I can still access and play the music drive files.
When I select the SMB Movie share it connects, ( as I can see the connected users on the PC) it pauses for a few seconds, then then goes away, never showing the files?
My question is, it there a folder size limit that can be viewed by Mplayer?
I can create another folder and see it, I can access other folders.
I hope some one can help me to figure this one out..
Thank You

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