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WiiHome/CustomizeMii question (titles)

Posted by seek 
WiiHome/CustomizeMii question (titles)
May 09, 2010 06:15PM
Hello, I want to be able to boot into WiiMC from the WiiHome menu, so I'm trying to use CustomizeMii to create a WiiMC channel which I can boot to using WiiHome. However, in the WiiHome .txt file, I'm not sure which number I should use to begin the channel title (1,2,4,8) before the 4 letters. Basically, how do I determine the hex ID of a channel created with CustomizeMii? Sorry for this being confusing....
Re: WiiHome/CustomizeMii question (titles)
May 09, 2010 11:05PM
AFAIK, all custom channels made with CustomizeMii require a 1 (i.e have a title id starting 00010001).

You could check this by loading the WAD created in ShowMiiWads, which has a function to view title ID afaik. All channels made with CustomizeMii will require the same number, so you only need to check one if there are multiple ones.
Re: WiiHome/CustomizeMii question (titles)
May 10, 2010 12:10AM
OK, great, I'll try just using 1 and see if that works. Thank you much
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