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Revolution engine

Posted by technik 
Revolution engine
August 16, 2010 03:23PM
Just a few hours ago, Revolution engine 0.5 has been released.
I've been working for so long in this engine and I hope you all enjoy creating games with it.
For those who don't know, I'll explain:
Revolution engine is a native 3d game engine designed for wii. It is not a port of a PC game engine. it is an engine designed specifically for wii, to get the best of this hardware.
It's been built with one basic idea in mind: "Be easy to use", so anyone can quickly learn to use it and be able to create cool 3d homebrew games.
Once again, I hope you enjoy.
PT:You can download it at www.revolutionengine.tk or take a look at it at wiibrew wiki
Re: Revolution engine
August 16, 2010 06:12PM
very cool, i will have a proper look later but i think i will be having a play and see what i can do with this. :)
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