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Mplayer CE and Youtube

Posted by CopDog 
Mplayer CE and Youtube
January 24, 2011 03:45PM
Did this feature get removed? I just bought a Wii about a week ago and set to soft modding it instantly. Mplayer's ability to play online content is pretty great, and I've already added a dozen more blip.tv channels.

I saw that Mplayer CE could apparently play Youtube content, and set about trying to get that to work. I'm pretty sure I have it all properly set up, but Mplayer gets trapped in a loop whenever I try to load a list of videos from a specific YT channel. I notice there's a separate release of Mplayer on the Homebrew Browser specifically with Youtube support - do I need that, instead? What's the difference between that version and this more recent CE version?

For reference, here is how I am trying to play a Youtube video from CE:

      <e name="Freddie Wong" ok="osd_show_text 'Network not yet initialized, Please Wait' 3000 0
                      loadlist '[pentium.extremscorner.co.cc];
                      set_menu inetset
                      pausing pause"/>

That should be right, right?
Re: Mplayer CE and Youtube
January 24, 2011 08:13PM
It doesn't work anymore and hasn't for quite some time. The only two ways to play YouTube on Wii is via the Opera channel or with WiiMC.
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