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Homebrew Browser Disappeared!

Posted by campKILLer 
Homebrew Browser Disappeared!
January 02, 2009 04:54AM
So i was connecting to the Homebrew Browser and i got the "A new version of the homebrew browser is available!...." message, so of course i updated it. but then my Wii rebooted and when i went to the Homebrew Browser, the channel wasn't there!

I put a DOL file on my SD card (which is how i upgraded to 1.0.1 before) and when i try to run it again it says "Not a Valid Wii Application" or something.

Sadly, my console got updated by mistake to 3.4.

anyone know how i can get the homebrew browser back? All my emulators and media players still work fine in the Homebrew Channel, just no browser!
Re: Homebrew Browser Disappeared!
January 02, 2009 05:09AM
Re: Homebrew Browser Disappeared!
January 03, 2009 06:44AM
i think i screw up and updated the wii shop before i new i couldnt so itryed to install homebrew channel anyways.. it installed and when i hit the start all thqt comes up are bubbles and nothing else on the page is there anything i can do???
Re: Homebrew Browser Disappeared!
January 03, 2009 11:16PM
I had a similar problem with just the bubbles comming up only.
found out it was the micro sd card so what I did was go to wii main screen take the sd card out and back in again and then clicked on the channel again and there it was.
hope this helps
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