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Help with WiiMC Music playlist behaviour

Posted by gukid 
Help with WiiMC Music playlist behaviour
May 22, 2011 09:00PM
I've been playing around with the playlists in WiiMC, and was wondering if anyone could help me out a little as to how they work, so that I can try to have it behave how I want it to.

Some assumptions I've gotten from the documentation:
- click + on a folder to queue up the folder
- click + on a file to queue up a file
and I've discovered,
- click + on an .m3u playlist, to queue up the playlist
or I can click A on the playlist, to recurse into it to view all the files, and could queue them up individually.

What I'm finding, is when I start up WiiMC, nothing is playing currently, and I try to queue up a folder of files, they get added to the queue and the play button turns into a pause button. When I click on the pause button, WiiMC will start playing at the 2nd track in the playlist. The only way I've found to stop this from happening, is to queue up the folder, then browse into the folder, and click on the first track, which seems to start the playlist correctly. Does anyone else have this same behavior when queuing up files?

Also, I've found that when adding new files, the playlist gets sorted alphabetically. If tracks aren't named a certain way, this can also break track order, and cause some tracks to be repeated. I find this is a problem when I want to change from playing one "album" of tracks, to another one, as it takes time to un-queue all the previous tracks. Does anyone happen to know if there is a way to easily clear the current playlist? All I've found yet is going back to the original folder or file, re-queuing it, and the un-queueing it, but this doesn't seem like a good way of doing it.

I also thought that as an easy way around this, maybe the behavior of clicking on an .m3u file could be changed to where WiiMC would clear the current playlist, queue everything in the .m3u, and start playing from track one. Or perhaps pressing another button, or changing a configuration setting get that sort of functionality (yes/no queue and play playlist files on click).

I feel like I've gone a bit off topic now. Could anyone confirm the behavior of queuing up a folder of music files, and which track it starts playing on? And if the playlist gets sorted when new tracks are added?

Also, I really gotta thank the WiiMC guys for a great application! Having the Wii as a wireless media center definitely breathes new life into it.
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