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Wii classic "pro"? controller support

Posted by Hazardsneon 
Wii classic "pro"? controller support
July 07, 2011 02:30AM
I have a few emulators such as Genesis Plus, C64 frodo, and Wii64. I have two wii brand classic controllers and I believe that they are considered the "pro" version. They are the controllers with the cord coming out the top and have side grips. Regarding Genesis Plus, I was previously able to use the my classic controllers but since the latest Genesis Plus update none of my games work with them. If I remeber right, my commador 64 emulator wouldn't let me use those controllers either. Wii64 has never recongnized my classic controllers. Are these controllers supported in all of the emulators? I don't have any of the regular classic controllers to try. All of them work with just the wiimote and Wii64 works with my wiimote and nun-chuck but still they don't work with my wii classic controllers.
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