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VBA GX Settings, Kinda screwed up

Posted by Psywing 
VBA GX Settings, Kinda screwed up
August 01, 2011 01:22AM
So, I was messing with the settings on my VBA Gx, and while trying to see which resolution had the best performance, I set it to Progressive(480i) (at least that's what I remember)
Anyway, since I have an HD TV I figured there'd be no harm in trying. Boy was I wrong, my screen immediately went black. The emulator itself was fine, I can hear it running, and all the sounds are fine, it's just that now I have a black screen.

I can't even change it back because the menu from within the game is also hidden. Is there any way for me to revert back to the default video settings from outside the Application?
I've already tried from the Main loader screen, but there are no options for it.

Any help, or did I screw up?
Re: VBA GX Settings, Kinda screwed up
August 01, 2011 01:52AM
Put your SD card in your computer and open up the vbagx folder and there should be a file called "settings.xml". In the settings.xml find the part that says "Video Mode" and change the value to 0.
< setting name="videomode" value="0" description="Video Mode" />
I believe that should solve the problem, but if not you can delete (or rename) the settings.xml and then it should load with default settings.
Re: VBA GX Settings, Kinda screwed up
August 01, 2011 01:59AM
Perfect, this is just what I needed. Thanks so much!
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