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GXGeo game help

Posted by Brandon4629 
GXGeo game help
August 31, 2011 07:46AM
Ok I'm trying to get KOF 2002 to work on GXGeo, but it says that the bios files are missing. Where can I get the bios files?
Also I added Metal slug5 to the roms folder(zipped), but for some reason GXGeo doesn't give me the option to pick it. Any help on this?
Re: GXGeo game help
August 31, 2011 09:08AM
We can't tell you where to get BIOS files. Your ROM files should go in SD:/gxgeo/roms/
Re: GXGeo game help
September 02, 2011 04:36AM
Because of its large file size,k.o.f.(and metal slug 5) wont play.I beleve the file size limit is 25 mb.which. makes it allmost useless for most, seeing there's a limted amount of roms within the size limit.
Re: GXGeo game help
September 15, 2011 01:55PM
The size limit for the roms is 48 MB of uncompressed data (MEM2 - 16 MB used by IOS).
Re: GXGeo game help
October 01, 2012 05:02AM
ok thanks. I recently found this out thanks to a video.
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