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How to implement pipe using libogc (program IPO)

Posted by PirxThePilot 
How to implement pipe using libogc (program IPO)
February 17, 2012 11:46AM
Hello Wii Hackers,

I have old Wii (Sport) with "Wii Menu" 3.3 and "Homebrew Channel" installed. I am new to Wii programming and haven't large experience in C/C++ programming (I know the basis). Yesterday devkitPro PPC has been downloaded and installed by me (Win32). Compiling included samples and running them on my Wii has been successful. Some homebrew apps was also downloaded and compiled by me succesfully.
I experienced difficulty with compiling "WiiShell" developed by Aksommerville. I hope that after some time I be able to compile this application.
My question is how to implement "|" - pipe using Libogc. Could somebody give me a hint how to achive that on Wii. My idea is to redirect stdin and stout and invoke "fork" and "exec" for new process. This would be very usefull for adding pipes support and grep command to WiiShell developed by Aksommerville (he attached sources to this appliction). Maybe my understanding how to accomplish such task is wrong?
I will appreciate any help :D

Re: How to implement pipe using libogc (program IPO)
February 17, 2012 03:43PM
Thread closed since it was a duplicate.
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