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GenPlus GX

Posted by DrRev0 
GenPlus GX
August 21, 2012 11:55PM
Ok i'm new here.
And glad to be part of it...
As far I like the Homebrew allot...

But I have some trouble with Genesis Plus GX...
The Megadrive works fine...
But the other games will load but after loading the screen stay black...
What must I do?

And under what folder name must Genesis Plus GX so the channel forwarder will recognized it on my SD card..
Same for the NeoGeo Pocket?

Greats DrRev0
Re: GenPlus GX
August 27, 2012 08:23PM
What "other files" ? Look at the readme or the faq on googlecode to know what types are supported and what are not (for example, 7z files are not supported).
If those are zip files, make sure they only hold a single ROM file, no html or txt files like many ROM sites like to include, because the emulator can't play them.

As for your forwarder, it depends on the one you are using. Since there aren't any official forwarder, you might want to look in the documenation that (should) came with it.
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