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WIISX saving and loading game files

Posted by xEVAN92x 
WIISX saving and loading game files
September 07, 2012 09:25PM
I have WIISX+a mod that allows for better USB support (dont have an SD). I've been playing one of my favorite PS1 series, Tomba and Tomba 2. I have just had a lot of trouble with saves. Tomba will save within the game. i can hit load memcard under current iso, then load the game from the games main menu. Tomba 2 will not work this way, only saves via save state. If any one is familiar with tomba 2, a mission in the water temple allows you to load a save from the first tomba, which gets you 5 bonus missions. What I really need help with is how can I save tomba 1 in a way that i can pull up that save in tomba 2? any help would be appreciated greatly!
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