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Wii64 - Homescreen opens, then nothing

Posted by wwthompson 
Wii64 - Homescreen opens, then nothing
January 25, 2013 11:56PM
So I've downloaded Wii64 both from HBC and from my imac and followed instructions carefully on how to properly put it on an SD card. For whatever reason, when I click on Wii64 from the HBC load page, it takes me to the main menu, but my controller stops working completely. I have tried with just the wiimote, wiimote and classic controller pro, and have also tried unplugging the classic remote and plugging it back in. The only thing I can do is hold down the power button on the controller and reboot the wii. It literally just gets stuck there every time.

I tried downloading the most downloaded roms from various sites, but they never show up on the Wii64 main screen. It always tells me no roms uploaded. This seems to be a problem for some other people as well, but I've never found a solution.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated. I need some nostalgia in my life!!! Gracias,
Re: Wii64 - Homescreen opens, then nothing
January 26, 2013 02:02AM
Try this version: [www.mediafire.com] and see if your controllers work. (Just rename the file to "boot.dol" and put in the wii64 folder.

Don't talk about downloading ROM's from anywhere. We can't discuss where to get ROMs, we can only help you by showing where to put themso they will run.
Re: Wii64 - Homescreen opens, then nothing
January 26, 2013 02:28AM
That did it! Thanks so much.

Sorry about that, tried to be vague...

Thanks again!
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