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Controller Lag even with Game Mode on?

Posted by Jellyman 
Controller Lag even with Game Mode on?
August 11, 2013 06:24PM
So like a dumbass, it took me 2 years to realize that the big lag problem I was having (especially while using SNES9X GX and FCE ULTRA GX) was because my Vizio doesn't have "Game Mode". When I hooked up my Wii to my Samsung, realized it had game mode - it fixed the lag problems about 90%.

The problem is.....there is still some controller lag - making most games unplayable. It becomes obvious in game like Tetris, where i hold to the left or to the right, and instead of the puzzle piece moving all the way over it will studder for a second. Again...If i was only playing walkthrough RPGs this wouldnt be a problem but I play all types of games.

One thought I had is......im using the Mayflash SNES controller adapter that plugs directly into the Wiimote. Could this be whats causing the little bit of lag?

I have the black Wii, which does not have the 4 gamecube ports or else I would have gotten the SNES controller adapter for gamecube port. Thinking that maybe because they would be wired DIRECTLY that it would have no lag?

Someone please help........I need to finally be able to play my games the way they are supposed to be played.

I have the most updated versions of both SNES9X GX and FCE ULTRA GX. Any advice?

Thanks in advance
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