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Gecko OS Region Free help

Posted by Pebbly603 
Gecko OS Region Free help
June 22, 2014 06:26AM
So I've set up my (Australian) Wii with the Homebrew channel in order to be able to play a japanese wii game, Kirby's Dream Collection (the 20th Anniversary Special Collection). I have been trying to use the Gecko OS app to play this game region-free, but I have come across some problems.
When I try to launch the game through the 1.07 version, it comes up with the Error #002 message, and I have to turn off my Wii. When I try to launch it from the 1.9.3 version, it loads up the safety warning and wii-mote handling screen, but then freezes on the white screen.
Any ideas on what may be wrong and how I can fix this?
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