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Posted by Clarkey111801 
August 17, 2015 11:36PM
I have a few classic controller pro's that were manufactured by eastvista that I purchased off amazon. For some reason when I use these controllers on snes9xgx the emulator will sometimes count a hold as multiple button presses. For example on Yoshi Island Yoshi will just stick his tongue out repeatedly when I hold Y. Or when play SMB3 on Super Mario All-Stars instead of running to build up speed to fly Mario will just keep spinning along. And one other thing. Sometimes it will keep on bringing up the home menu repeatedly. Even without touching the home menu button. Also this happens with FCEUGX. And on GenPlus (not sure if it's ported by same guy but might as well put it out) while playing Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic would just run left without any input. I haven't had any of these issues on Wii64 or Not64. So is anyone else having these issues, or did I just purchase cheap controllers?
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