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Ive reviewed all the nes emulators out there that exsist for pc and Ive come to a conclusion(concerns fceugc)

Posted by chrono36 
Most if not all the available nes emulators out there for pc
have a game genie function that allows you to cheat..

Now on the nes emulator for the Wii (fceugc)
It does not...

So what Id like to do is either add it to the existing emulator(fceugc)
Or add one of the other nes emulators to the wii that have a cheat function..
(Nestopia looks fairly stable)

Now If I can just figure out how to use devkitpro

Id be in business......
FCE Ultra has cheats capability but this hasn't been added to FCE Ultra GX. Why? Because no-one's done it, that's all.
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