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Create Theme in “Wii home” apps

Posted by jedimaster_att 
Create Theme in “Wii home” apps
May 17, 2009 08:00PM
I am intrested in changing my WII's theme into a Star Wars theme. I have seen some that are mario based with a mario (instead of a hand pointer), I have seen the Matrix theme as well. Can someone walk me through this process. Do I do it in the "Wii Home" app?

This is taken from the "wii home" home page...

Create a theme
The theme are located in the folder WiiHome at the root of the SD/SDHC card. The theme images files must be in PNG format. Here is the list of files :

background.png : the background. The image must be 640*480.
button.png : the button. The image must be 500*100.
button_selected.png : the button selected by the cursor. The image must be 500*100.
font.png : font. The image must be 1024*8.
cursor.png : cursor. The image must be 96*96.
music.mp3 : music.
To have a transparent background, a pink color is not needed. A simple background transparent is enough. The alpha transparency is supported. Remember to fill the theme.txt file to enter your author name, etc...

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Re: Create Theme in “Wii home” apps
May 18, 2009 03:11AM
I think you need Edited Out to change your wii theme. Not sure though.

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