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Homebrew General

For general discussion of and help with Wii homebrew and Wii hacking. 
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Wii Banner Guide

by SifJar
7,1641009/26/2014 12:08AM
Last Post by D3ATH

25C3 Wii Fail Videos

by whodares
11,4031706/09/2009 06:08PM
Last Post by DanielHueho

Please use meaningful subject names

by bushing
5,069112/15/2008 02:26AM
Last Post by bushing

Want faster support? Try #wiihelp

by tona
9,510108/05/2008 03:07PM
Last Post by tona

Game controllers for NES/SNES/Sega Genisis Emulators

by HellzBellz
1,138107/06/2016 05:08PM
Last Post by HellzBellz

Hackmii Installer Stuck At Scam Warning Screen! Need help!

by lammap98
1,314107/06/2016 09:28AM
Last Post by lammap98

unhack my wii

by Allycuk
1,368206/18/2016 10:27PM
Last Post by LupintheThird

Homebrew channel

by haz_69
1,855303/17/2016 09:36PM
Last Post by banjo2

AnyRegion Changer help!

by Bakkus
1,150303/01/2016 06:29PM
Last Post by Bakkus

Taiko drum master music files (.nub)?

by gwozdz
2,306302/22/2016 07:55AM
Last Post by sethseth6

Help! zestig libcrypto shared object file missing!

by hugofestA
1,247102/07/2016 03:46PM
Last Post by hugofestA

WiiSX error

by Natural
1,545301/30/2016 11:09PM
Last Post by bg4545

Help HackMii wont run, stuck at Scam warning screen.

by Daihan
3,8621701/30/2016 11:03PM
Last Post by bg4545

Custom Music hack/program for Wii Music?

by AlphaHedge
1,249201/30/2016 10:59PM
Last Post by bg4545

ACCF File Cannot Install

by jidoeagle
1,195112/08/2015 02:04AM
Last Post by jidoeagle

Wiimote motion unreactive.

by Sas13
1,177311/15/2015 04:46PM
Last Post by Sas13

homebrew channel is black

by mrmpdale
1,366111/14/2015 05:57PM
Last Post by mrmpdale

HomeBrew error -6

by Danisal01
2,261510/26/2015 02:18AM
Last Post by owen

HBB/CodeMii Respository on PC

by Vidus
1,165310/08/2015 02:25PM
Last Post by Vidus

MTek-GDL - Game Development Library for the Nintendo Wii

by TheCodingBrony
3,0392010/08/2015 03:37AM
Last Post by TheCodingBrony

5.5.0.E update

by alphur_male
1,631309/22/2015 08:06AM
Last Post by alphur_male

Issue with homebrew apps freezing and losing remote sync

by marcajustice
2,004309/21/2015 05:13PM
Last Post by rd350

I haven't installed bootmii, have I made a mistake?

by n4tty
1,569508/31/2015 02:14PM
Last Post by n4tty

Need Wii U installed with homebrew and will pay the costs and delivery costs

by shauneco
1,403108/17/2015 06:35PM
Last Post by shauneco

Priiloader / Bootmii in terms of Risk

by whgang99
1,602108/14/2015 05:00AM
Last Post by whgang99

How do I setup my GC controller on my Wii U homebrew emulating?

by marcodt
1,576608/13/2015 12:47AM
Last Post by bg4545

Problems with Homebrew Channel and Wii itself

by kamild1996
1,509406/18/2015 09:44AM
Last Post by tueidj

Read error -6 occured

by Lotus_child
2,232105/19/2015 03:26PM
Last Post by Lotus_child

Wii menu version 4.1 or 4.3?

by MW99
1,549105/10/2015 10:53PM
Last Post by MW99

LetterBomb working on Wii U?

by MiikeU
3,299404/20/2015 07:36PM
Last Post by Kyle243

Nothing will work!

by thanosoftitan
1,688203/21/2015 12:48AM
Last Post by frozenx07

Trouble with Channel Installer

by IronicUsername
1,413103/13/2015 07:59PM
Last Post by IronicUsername

Is the Wii capable of displaying 3d? (Red and Cyan 3d)

by MarioEvo
1,453403/13/2015 07:41AM
Last Post by tueidj

Should I re-Letterbomb an already homebrewed wii?

by PokeFan2KM
1,574203/11/2015 11:34PM
Last Post by bg4545