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Homebrew General

For general discussion of and help with Wii homebrew and Wii hacking. 
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Is the Wii capable of displaying 3d? (Red and Cyan 3d)

by MarioEvo
3,386403/13/2015 08:41AM
Last Post by tueidj

Should I re-Letterbomb an already homebrewed wii?

by PokeFan2KM
3,899203/12/2015 12:34AM
Last Post by bg4545

Wifi SD cards

by hockey1237
3,357503/11/2015 08:07PM
Last Post by danoslen

PS2 - to - Wii controller adapter

by hockey2112
2,734203/11/2015 07:58PM
Last Post by danoslen

Mii contest channel/ Mii plaza wii

by labib
2,515203/08/2015 11:49PM
Last Post by larsenv

No Private Folder when I download smashstack

by bman23345
2,726103/06/2015 02:02AM
Last Post by bman23345

Help with bad Wii theme?

by beanman911
2,440202/27/2015 11:16AM
Last Post by labib

Question about "virginizing" Wii

by Vlaqorvik
3,802502/14/2015 04:37AM
Last Post by Vlaqorvik

Wii from circa 2009-early 2010 homebrew questions

by Ragefapper
2,634102/02/2015 01:29AM
Last Post by Ragefapper

Refuses to load game...

by Retro1981
2,553201/26/2015 04:20AM
Last Post by bg4545

Unable to obtain NAND access

by maravig
2,908101/01/2015 10:41PM
Last Post by maravig

Homebrew channel with WiiKey

by ProSoft
2,995312/22/2014 09:54AM
Last Post by TopGun96


by Lunaradmin
2,536211/29/2014 04:23PM
Last Post by owen

Is there a way to download actual games directly from the Wii?

by Okumei
2,560210/19/2014 10:44AM
Last Post by tueidj

play new games

by talcbaby
2,451310/11/2014 10:26AM
Last Post by talcbaby

Homebrew Channel Theming Problem

by D3ATH
2,606410/05/2014 07:28AM
Last Post by D3ATH

Playing Gamecube games on Newer Wiis

by etrianorphan
2,730309/03/2014 06:58PM
Last Post by etrianorphan

How to extend my Wii internal storage

by Freelancer
2,684308/22/2014 06:02PM
Last Post by Freelancer

Download a free channel without the Wii Shoping Channel?

by freakofuniverse
2,908108/16/2014 01:02PM
Last Post by freakofuniverse

Using the Wii Shop Channel after Wii U transfer + NAND backup?

by bigmac909
3,209108/12/2014 02:43AM
Last Post by bigmac909

Where do I download the Homebrew channel for 64-bit?

by x21Survivor
2,525208/05/2014 06:12AM
Last Post by pharmville

[Solved] Sound errors when compiling wii mahjong

by pharmville
2,5681007/18/2014 08:42AM
Last Post by pharmville

Changing key bindings

by eh_what
2,241107/10/2014 10:22PM
Last Post by eh_what

Zelda twilight Princess hacking error

by ManOfManyWords
2,255207/09/2014 01:31PM
Last Post by ManOfManyWords

WiiKey + Runic Frontier

by MercenaryOne
2,041206/18/2014 11:08PM
Last Post by MercenaryOne
This topic has been moved.


by oibaf
  This topic has been moved.

Wii Message Board Photos

by Invis
7,0751206/05/2014 08:20AM
Last Post by 528491

libSDLwii compiling errors

by Mallot1
2,419206/04/2014 10:03PM
Last Post by oibaf

Issue with SNEEK

by szczuru
3,396105/04/2014 01:17PM
Last Post by szczuru

Was there something wrong with the Homebrew Browser?

by G.G.
2,878105/01/2014 12:46PM
Last Post by G.G.