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Homebrew General

For general discussion of and help with Wii homebrew and Wii hacking. 
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Wii Classic Controller and SNES - Delay

by sportsnight
14,9261904/21/2014 02:12PM
Last Post by KanokYo

Letterbomb not loading correctly

by oneoddguy
2,594603/31/2014 02:52AM
Last Post by Mallot1

SDL to SDLwii porting?

by Mallot1
1,640103/30/2014 04:09PM
Last Post by Mallot1

Wii black start up screen.

by craving
1,560203/21/2014 11:53AM
Last Post by craving

A quick guide to restoring a Wii? (Removing Homebrew)

by Grimslade
4,2261203/15/2014 03:18AM
Last Post by bigntall

BootMii issues

by Feli
1,896303/12/2014 06:36AM
Last Post by leond

Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection shutting down.

by MASTER260
2,679703/08/2014 12:58AM
Last Post by tueidj

NewtoBrew.. Stream Media?

by Phaze403
1,619103/04/2014 05:39AM
Last Post by Phaze403

Help with System

by LocKn3s5
1,477202/27/2014 03:53PM
Last Post by tueidj

Homebrew Channel / any Emulator LAG with 3dr part Classic Controler

by pinhogalloleo
2,461201/26/2014 02:07AM
Last Post by tueidj
This topic has been moved.

USB Mounts but WILL NOT Initialize

by GeoDoX
  This topic has been moved.

Wii U Pro Controller and Bluetooth data

by wii111
2,038301/13/2014 04:42AM
Last Post by wii111

Homebrew Broswer: Read error -6 occured problem. HELP!

by eraser400
19,8761201/08/2014 05:14AM
Last Post by ZDrifter9000

Wiimote Plus still has 100 Hz sensor sampling rate??

by brutusx
3,408401/07/2014 01:25PM
Last Post by rfandrade

DevKitPPC and Xcode 5.0?

by EarthModder1
1,687101/06/2014 10:08PM
Last Post by EarthModder1

IOS80 versions

by JjStAr
1,635101/04/2014 12:32AM
Last Post by JjStAr

Tantric emus incompatible with Wii Hori Stick

by elbobelo
1,807412/27/2013 04:03PM
Last Post by elbobelo

Wii Homebrew wont bring up netflix

by adamstemper
1,974212/25/2013 01:59AM
Last Post by bg4545

Homebrew browser won't load

by heraldshaka
1,958212/19/2013 10:00AM
Last Post by tueidj

Wiimote in Homebrew Apps

1,705212/16/2013 05:00PM
Last Post by Wiimpathy

LetterBomb Doesn't Work for me!

by sync23
34,4651912/15/2013 05:41AM
Last Post by ba_gomez

Unistalling Homebrew/Updating Wii

by Em_Day
1,793212/13/2013 09:54PM
Last Post by tueidj

WiiSX loading.....

by ModOrDieTrying
1,547211/26/2013 04:02AM
Last Post by tueidj

Hackmii.com not working? error 503 service unavailible: Guru meditation?

by C.H.R.I.S
2,109311/08/2013 01:29AM
Last Post by C.H.R.I.S

pimp my wii freezes when...

by johnjon246
2,496310/19/2013 10:38PM
Last Post by SifJar

SD Card Issue

by rebeccar44
2,004210/19/2013 10:19PM
Last Post by bg4545

Uninstall/Reinstall homebrew?

by HothRaka
1,966210/19/2013 04:56PM
Last Post by SifJar

Letterbomb isn't loading.

by jimasaurus
2,065610/12/2013 12:05AM
Last Post by bg4545

Does letterbomb exploit still work given WiiConnect24 service ended in Jun 2013?

by loveless
2,379610/11/2013 03:22PM
Last Post by SifJar

Multiple USB drives in Wii

by technoman
6,1581410/11/2013 03:18PM
Last Post by SifJar