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Priiloader / Bootmii in terms of Risk

Posted by whgang99 
Priiloader / Bootmii in terms of Risk
August 14, 2015 07:00AM
Hello. I am a Korean Wii user and I want to unlock my Wii's region due to not many games are released in Korea.
I have got homebrew channel installed long time ago (by my father. so I don't know much about hacking wii) and now I want to install Priiloader for region free gameplay (I searched the internet and it sounded like Priiloader can unlock regional restrictions), but I'm worried of bricking my Wii while attempting to install Priiloader.('Priiloader bricked my Wii' is in the Google suggestion...)

My father forgot all about Wii, and I have to het information about what state my Wii is in right now by the internet.

Question 1. If the bootmii doesn't show up as I power the console and I can launch it from homebrew channel, it means it is installed as an IOS, right?

Question 2. If my Wii is newer model and doesn't have a boot2 exploit, can I still backup and restore my wii with bootmii IOS when it is bricked while installing Priiloader?

Question 3. Can it be considered dangerous to install Priiloader on my Wii after backup and preparing for restore?

Question 4. Can I play other region Wii&GC discs and install other region channels on my Wii with Priiloader? (If there is safer way than Priiloader to install channels, please tell me.)

Sorry for my bad English... I'm Korean

*I edited my question because I was misunderstanding about what bootmii is.

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