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A variety of errors

Posted by Williaint 
A variety of errors
September 09, 2008 04:46AM
Just having a few problems/questions with a couple apps.

- Tetris does not work. The loading screen loads, and the music plays, but it un-syncs the wii-mote. I've tried several times. I even tried installing via the twilight hack, and the wiimote stayed on, however, I still had no control.
- I'm not sure if the ScummVM loads exactly, even after reading a lot of literature.
- With Wii64: It used to load fine, now it gives me an error saying "there was an error", or something.
- I tried loading another game the same way as others, but it didn't show up in the WB menu.

Also, some strange thing has happened when I've taken out the SD card to check which software was there or not. The first time, none. After I finally accomplished it, about 3. (Without) Then about 6, or so. (With) When I took out the card out, the files all disappeared when I checked. So, is it mandatory to have the SD card in the drive?

Re: A variety of errors
September 09, 2008 10:02PM
Responding to your problems in order:
-I think Tetris requires a Gamecube controller.
-What problems are you having with ScummVM?
-Wii64 is still incomplete and under heavy development, so errors like this are probably pretty common. Try a more recent SVN build, perhaps, or if you can find one, an older build. What other game are you trying to load? Compatibility is far from perfect right now.

Yes, you need to keep the SD card in.
Re: A variety of errors
September 10, 2008 04:01AM
Okay, thanks.
- I don't have my GCN controllers, currently.
- I'm not sure if I'm having any problems, I'm just asking what it does. It appears to load stuff, but it doesn't load anything; no matter what file I choose, it says no game is in that file, so I assumed games were packaged in the 'demos' folder in the download package. Other than this, I can exit fine.
- I think I've got the latest version. I've got 3 games, including vcube, on my SD card. I may just wait until a newer version releases before I try again.

Thanks for all the help!
Re: A variety of errors
September 10, 2008 05:00AM
Regarding ScummVM, there should be a demo game in that folder, you just need to go to "add game" and select the folder that the game is in. (apologies if this is inexact, I can't test it right now, but this is approximately correct...) Then the game should show up in the loader screen.
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