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Homebrew Browser v.2.2 not working

Posted by blorgmike 
Homebrew Browser v.2.2 not working
September 10, 2008 12:46AM
I can run other apps just fine off the SD card, but when I fire up the Homebrew Browser, I get all the way to the graphical page (after the white text on black screen saying fetching list...), Then it writes "DEBUG: fwrite error: [1] Not owner" across the top of the screen, using the same font that it says "Downloading" in the middle of the screen.

SD card is formatted FAT 16, there is plenty of space avail on it, I've waited until the globe on the Homebrew Channel quits blinking. The Wii itself can fetch things off the Internet just fine.

Suggestions? Anything else I need to provide to assist in debugging this?

Re: Homebrew Browser v.2.2 not working
September 10, 2008 05:03AM
It's certainly a problem with your SD card, (or, I suppose, a bug in libfat itself, though that seems unlikely). Try formatting with the official formatter if you haven't already, try FAT32, make sure the write-protect switch is off...any or all of those things may help.
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