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Channel creation

Posted by whodares 
Re: Channel creation
December 26, 2008 09:49AM
One interesting thing we discovered was that some parts of the spec are optional -- you don't have to actually compress stuff with LZ77, and I believe you can actually leave out the IMD5 block entirely.
I was wondering as much when I was writing the all the block classes and was on my list of things to test when I finished the authoring side.
Re: Channel creation
December 26, 2008 05:14PM
You do have to IMD5 sign the sound.bin though, but a wrong format/bad sound.bin will just give you a channel without sound.

At least one of the sound formats for channels is 16bit PCM wav, and looping is accomplished with a program like Wavosaur that lets you make looping wavs.

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Re: Channel creation
January 01, 2009 07:05PM
whodares, I just finished watching the 25C3 video of Team Twiizers... I was wondering if ny of what they lectured about will help your development of the Channel Creation tools...

also, any updates? or are you still "on vacation" from working on these?
Re: Channel creation
January 01, 2009 09:26PM
Actually, going through the slides corrected how I believed the fakesigning worked. In hindsight, I don't know how what I was thinking could of ever worked.

Two things: My non-Wii project is currently taking priority, and I'm having doubts whether to continue this project anyway.

It's been a while since I released a project that I can put my real name to, and I think that is something I need to do.

You'll have seen several posts about me not wanting to brick my Wii as I develop this, same can be said about other peoples Wiis after the project is "finished", whether it's from a bad banner, or a bad install.

Fakesigning won't work for a number of people, and as I'm more of a coder than a "decoder", It'll be incredibly unlikely that I'll manage what Twiizers and Comex have managed in installing content without the current fakesign.

Also, with the Homebrew Channel, is it really actually worth it?

So, all in all, I don't really know what's going to happen for WhoDares in 2009.

One definate possibility is bringing back WiiBASIC, giving it an interpreter that works, finish off the GX, Wiimote, Internet/Sockets, etc. interfaces for the language and building a Wii-based IDE that supports a USB keyboard.
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