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Posted by Firelight730 
April 26, 2010 03:38AM
I Used StartPatch To Block Disc And Wi-Fi Updates... And Now When I Bought New Super Mario Bros. Wii From The Store And Tried To Play It On My Wii, It Gives "The Black Screen Message Of Death"
Any Solutions To Undo The Update Patch?
And I Don't Have A Bootmii Backup Of My Nand
Start Patch Doesn't Work... When I Try To Uninstall Or Install Any Patch, It Just Tells Me That There Is No Patch Section In The DOL

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Re: Stupid Start Patch
April 26, 2010 04:24AM
This is because you do not have the IOS used by the game. Normally this would be installed by the update on the game, but when the updated is blocked and the necessary IOS is missing, the wii is unable to launch the game.

If you changed your mind and now want to update, run StartPatch again and disable the patch. Otherwise, you can use DOP-Mii to install the IOS required by NSMB. I can't remember which IOS this is, but if you try to run the game with Gecko OS, it will tell you which IOS the game needs. It will also offer to install it, but that will fail with newer games.

This is not an issue with StartPatch; rather, it is exactly what the block disc update patch is intended to do. Perhaps you could change the subject name, as it gives a falsely bad impression of StartPatch.

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Re: Stupid Start Patch
April 26, 2010 06:52PM
i agree with jbc077- don't blame startpatch when it is you that is stupid.
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