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Doubt about IOS202 , DVDX , IOS249

Posted by beholder 
Doubt about IOS202 , DVDX , IOS249
June 07, 2010 03:50PM
I've reading several sites of wii Scene, and i've a doubt about name regarding IOS.

For what i've read i found several IOS CIOS and ect...

IOS249 and IOS250 , they also called cIOSX in some places, the author is wanikoko, they use that IOS to play backup Games from the
DVD drive. this IOS has revision that go up to v19.

IOS202 is another more IOS whos author is Hermes , that for example let you browse and read the DVD and also gives support for USB 2.0.

There is still some another CIOS like IOS222 , IOS223 , IOS224, also from hermes that seems to be like IOS249 in capabilities but diferent in implementation.

Now HBC installer have the DVDX.

What's the difference between cIOSX ( IOS249) and DVDX ?

Do i need to install DVDX, having cIOSX ( 249 ) and cIOS202?


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Re: Doubt about IOS202 , DVDX , IOS249
June 07, 2010 05:13PM
It's against the rules giving support for cIOS related to piracy here. Maybe only cIOS 202, since it isn't related to playing backup games. I don't think you are trying to get support for piracy from here, but restrain from talking freely about cIOS.

About your question, some apps are getting dvd support through cIOS 202, like, for example, the media player WiiMC. Older apps still use DvdX support, but its installation isn't anything complicated. Just do it through Hackmii Installer 0.6, it's pretty stable.
Re: Doubt about IOS202 , DVDX , IOS249
June 07, 2010 06:35PM
To get full compatibility with pretty much every DVD supporting app, install DVDx from the HackMii Installer AND IOS202 via the installer available from the WiiMC.org downloads page.

None of the other cIOS are used for DVD playback, they are mainly used for "backups" and installing warezed VC and WW games.
Re: Doubt about IOS202 , DVDX , IOS249
June 07, 2010 10:10PM
Sorry, I just intend to understand a little bit more about DVDX.. nothing else.

No harm done!

Regards Mariano.
Re: Doubt about IOS202 , DVDX , IOS249
June 07, 2010 11:21PM
In the name of science, here's the clarifications you're looking for:

IOS is essentially a kernel. It is a bunch of functions that the Wii can call to use any time.

cIOS is any IOS with unofficial or "homebrew" modifications to it.

cIOSX is a really st00pid naming convention Waninkoko came up with. The X refers to the method used to install the IOS by cloning an existing IOS as a base and then modifying the base.

DVDX is not an IOS at all. It is a title, or in other words, a hidden, secret channel. All DVDX does is flip a register when it is loaded allowing the Wii's DVD Drive will read any DVD discs regardless of if they're signed by Nintendo. Yes, this functionality could be put into an IOS, but it's unnecessary and you should really not be playing with IOSs if at all possible (touch the wrong IOS the wrong way and your Wii is done for).


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